Turkey continues to fight against Daesh

by Jad Yateem

Even though only a few days have passed since the beginning of 2021, the Turkish authorities have already demonstrated their determination in the fight against Daesh organization.

            Saturday, January 9, Turkish authorities arrested three Daesh suspects, in an operation that took place in Nurdagi district, Gaziantep – southeastern Turkey. For the moment, the suspects are held in custody.

            In the same day, on a joint operation of Turkish authorities, two other Daesh-linked suspects were arrested in country’s capital Ankara. According to local media[1], both suspects have Syrian nationality and were planning a major attack on Turkish territory. They had a history in the terrorist organization, being involved in multiple attacks against civilians in Deir ez-Zour region. Even after they left Syria, the two persons kept in touch with Syrian Daesh members. In Turkey, they changed their location multiple times, living in an abandoned building and in a container house, in order avoid being tracked. However, Turkish intelligence was aware of their activity and had a major role in the operation of capturing the suspects. The authorities also found documents and digital materials that will be analyzed as part of the investigation.

            On January 5, Adana 11th Criminal Court accepted an indictment prepared by a public prosecutor demanding 15 years in prison for a Daesh suspect for `Being a member of an armed organization`. According to the prosecutor, the suspect used a Daesh-made identity card and financed the terrorist organization.

   In 2013, Turkey became one of the first countries to declare Daesh/ISIS a terror group. Until now, the country has been targeted countless times by the organization, killing hundreds of people and injuring even more in suicide bombings, bomb attacks and assaults. In order to prevent further attacks, Turkey initiated anti-terrorism operations on its territory and abroad.

[1]    https://www.sondakika-haberleri.net/breaking-2-daesh-isis-suspects-arrested-in-turkish-capital-sondakika-haberleri-net/16411/

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